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Beaches and sun are all about fun! Who doesn’t like the feel of sand and sun on their skin? Even if you are pregnant, you just can’t resist the waves and the breeze. While you always need to plan and prepare for a beach trip, the task gets a little more strenuous if you are pregnant and have a big body. With the market being flooded with maternity swimwear, but lacking on maternity swimwear for plus size, this task has become a living challenge for plus size mommies-to-be. If you too are one of those anxiously looking for the best maternity swimwear, then try this Plus Size Maternity Bathing Suit. This One Piece Sport Monokini Swimsuit is not just on-trend but is also super comfortable with some incredible features.

  • Monokini Styled: This swimsuit is monokini styled, offering complete coverage for your baby bump to help protect your baby and your sensitive bump skin from harmful sun rays and harsh outdoor effects. This also helps make you less body conscious so you can duly enjoy your trip without worrying about weird bump stares.
  • Sexy and Sleek: It has a very sexy look and a sleek design. It helps you look attractive and also slimmer. Wearing this swimwear you would truly be rocking the beach this season.
  • Extremely Comfortable: While the look of this swimsuit might already have grabbed your attention, you still cannot imagine how extremely comfortable this swimwear is. It is stretchy in the right places with a super soft fabric and is designed to fit your body snuggly which also allows you to be able to move about freely. It just won’t restrict your movements.
  • Quality Material: It is made of exquisite quality polyester material which is not just soft but also very durable. It has no loose threads, and it does not wear off by washing or with usage. It has no pungent smell either. Pleasant to touch, it will just not irritate your skin.
  • Supportive Bust Section: This gorgeous swimwear has a supportive bust section with a ruched midline for a perfect and adjustable fitting every time you wear it. So rest assured your bust would be held well in place.
  • Shoulder Straps: It has two shoulder straps that fully support your body and especially the bump. The straps go all the way back to the mid-back and make a cross there to make you look more sexy and appealing.
  • Criss-cross back: This swimsuit has a unique criss-cross ribbon-style at the back ending with a bow knot. This makes it a truly fashion-forward swimwear. When worn it will show the right amount of your sexy back to help you look more glamorous.
  • Floral Print: It has a cute floral print which is very soothing to watch and has an overall relaxing and calming effect on your body. It will also add a youthful charisma to your personality.

This one-piece maternity swimwear is as trendy and fashion-forward as it is practical. Buy it for yourself or gift it away to a loved one, it is sure to make you fall in love.

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